Ukrainian Labour Temple

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians is pleased to announce that renovations to the Ukrainian Labour Temple are complete. Accessibility has been achieved through the installation of an interior lift that provides access to the main and lower levels and the construction of accessible washrooms on both levels. New windows restore the building exterior to its original appearance in 1919, and the foyer which has often seemed so inadequate an entrance to the grand main hall has been redesigned entirely. This is significant work that has transformed the Ukrainian Labour Temple and ensures it will serve for generations to come.

Built in 1919 by the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (today the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians), the Ukrainian Labour Temple is a National, Provincial and Municipal historic site based on its role as a centre of progressive social movements and its architectural significance. The Labour Temple was one of many buildings that was central to the labour movement during the Winnipeg General Strike. It continues to serve as a centre of cultural and political activity, and a gathering place for the broader North End community.

Ukrainian Labour Temple 2021