Yunist Dance Ensemble

The Yunist Dance Ensemble is the senior dance group within the A.U.U.C Winnipeg Branch. This fun and energetic group strives to preserve the Canadian Ukrainian culture through dance.

Yunist Understudy:

Students who are practicing dance with the A.U.U.C. School of Folk Dance and are over the age of 16 can take part in the Yunist understudy program. These dancers attend and participate in all Yunist practices. This is considered a transition year from being in Vesalka (the senior dance group in the School of Folk Dance) to the Yunist Dance Ensemble. Special concentration will be put on technique and development. A Yunist understudy might also be ask to perform in the spot of a Yunist dancer in special circumstances.

Rehearsals: Yunist rehearses every Monday at the Ukrainian Labour Temple from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Joining Yunist: For more information about the Yunist Dance Ensemble please send us an email at Email: